Saturday, November 29, 2014

Things I Can't Stand

Warning: what follows is a completely self-indulgent post. Here are a few of my *least* favorite things...

  1. Repetitive sounds - included among these are my dog licking himself, people eating anything remotely crunchy or squishy or...well, people eating.
  2. People who write "defiantly" when they mean "definitely." Start watching for it. It's everywhere.
  3. People who write "The Delgado's" when they mean "The Delgados." When I say that the Delgados will attend, I mean that my family will go somewhere. If I say the Delgado's will attend, I must mean that something belonging to us will go somewhere and I have left off a crucial part of the sentence (maybe our dog who won't stop licking himself will be going somewhere - that would be great).
  4. People who comment online about what other people can afford. It happens on Facebook, but it's *rampant* on YouTube. I watch beauty bloggers on YouTube - no secret. Well, some of them use really expensive makeup and buy expensive clothes and bags. Some of them are even my age and are married. When they talk about what they have bought, though, they are treated to thousands of comments along the lines of, "Must be nice to be so rich," or "You shouldn't assume that everyone can afford all the stuff you do," or "You risk alienating your audience when you emphasize the economic differences between us." (I lied - I made that last one up - that's what the ignoramuses are trying to say. They just have no idea how to get the words out.) Note to the commenters - what is expensive to you is chump change to someone else. When I was in high school (as most of you are!), a $16 lipstick was a luxury I could only dream about. Now it's (sadly, I admit) a luxury I indulge in. A multi-hundred dollar bag was money I couldn't even imagine wasting...until I married the world's most generous man. IT'S ALL RELATIVE. If you don't like the channel, change it. I can't (and wouldn't) buy Chanel, Tom Ford, and Burberry makeup, but I have a lot of fun watching people who do. I sure as heck wouldn't blast someone on their own channel for how they spend their own money. It's probably freedom of speech or something, right? It's all freedom of speech. People don't know the Bill of Rights (what??) from their elbow, but they sure know freedom of speech.
  5. People who turn every rant into something about freedom of speech like that yo-yo 
Wow. I feel better. Now I can have pizza/family movie night in a much better mood! There are some who say I'm a crotchety old woman (oh, and that expression - ew), but I have to disagree. I think I much more closely resemble a crotchety old man...

Coming next month I am going to tell you all about Kindle Unlimited and Scribd (yes, again) and why you really need them. I'll also tell you about the $28.50 cleansing balm that has made me love taking off waterproof liquid eyeliner. You can use the comments to tell me about how no one should ever spend that much on a cleanser ;-)