Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Podcasts Part 3

I have written two previous posts about podcasts, Podcasts, Part 1 and Podcasts, Part 2, and today I am going to share another couple of podcasts that I can't stop listening to. I'm also going to share some specific podcast episodes that I think are especially excellent in my next post.

Radiolab almost defies description, but I'll try. According to Radiolab itself, "Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience." Huh. After reading that description, I guess I can see why it is so hard to describe it! In any case, there are so many different kinds of topics covered that it would be really hard to try to talk about them. Two of my favorites are one that talks about "Patient Zero," with the most attention paid to HIV's Patient Zero (trust me - you probably have no idea who that individual is!) and "Ally's Choice," which gets to the heart of what exactly decides a person's race - genetic makeup or choice?

Radio Diaries is kind of like Radiolab. You may have heard it on All Things Considered. It is the stories of real people in their own words. I guess, if you've read my previous offerings, you can see that I have a penchant for that kind of podcast. They have a series called "Teenage Diaries," but my favorite episodes are the stories we wouldn't otherwise get to hear. I feel like reality TV has all the teenage diary-type stories I can handle.

Finally, there's Criminal. I have a thing for true crime (people and their stories!). It goes way back to when I was a kid checking out books that I probably shouldn't have checked out. Criminal is a truly well-done podcast, though. They do a good job warning about upcoming sensitive material in case you are not okay with some subjects. The woman who hosts it has a wonderful voice (so much more important than you might think).

Hopefully you've found a new podcast today. Hopefully my list won't keep growing at an exponential rate!

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