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Review of Egglo Entertainment

If you're looking for something a little different to do with your kids for Easter this year, Egglo Entertainment has just what you need! From Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs to The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book to the The Egglo Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event Curriculum, Egglo has a full range of products that can take your Easter activities from "more of the same" to a whole new level of celebration!

At its most basic, Egglo is a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt designed to really bring home the fact that Jesus is the light of the world. For $9.99, you can purchase a dozen beautiful blue, green, yellow, and pink Easter eggs (I tried to take a picture of the eggs, but I found it impossible to capture their glow-in-the-darkness! Hence, the only picture I am showing is Egglo's own picture. The eggs are so much prettier in real life!). If all you want is the eggs, then you really can do something special with only them. If, however, you want to take your Easter activities to a new level, Egglo has some other special products.

Egglo Entertainment Review

Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls actually *are* little scrolls that you can unroll, each one containing a Bible verse. They are small enough to fit inside an Easter egg (either one of Egglo's or one you already have). For $4.50, you get 12 scrolls. The scrolls are reusable.

Egglo Bible Verse Stickers are the same as the Scripture scrolls, but they are in sticker format. Thus, they contain the same Scripture verses, just in another format. You can hide these in the eggs, but you can also use them to decorate the outside of the eggs. They cost $3.29 for a dozen.

Egglo Easter Egg Stickers are 12 colorful cross stickers that you can either use to decorate the egg or to hide inside them as a reward during the hunt! They also cost $3.29 a dozen.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Character Stickers are another set of 12 stickers, this time of various characters from the book described below. Again, they cost $3.29 a dozen.

There are many things you can do with the Egglo eggs (hunting them on Easter morning is an obvious choice!), but if you're looking to stretch you imagination and find a new way to remember Jesus during the Easter season, The Egglo Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event Curriculum has some wonderful ideas! This $9.99 60-page downloadable curriculum is full of things to take your basic egg hunt from the every day to a whole new level! Although it is designed for larger groups (Sunday school classes, for example), it is easily adaptable to smaller groups (families). You may not be using the invitations that are included, but what family is going to turn down coloring activity pages and themed snack ideas? The curriculum also includes Bible verse scroll and cross cut-outs that you can put in your eggs, which is a real money saver if you don't want to buy them separately (although the ones you buy separately are wonderful - I can't get over how adorable the little roll-up scrolls are!). 

Egglo Entertainment Review

Finally, my kids and I received (and really enjoyed) The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book, a full-color 40 page story book that really helps to link the idea of an egg hunt with the gospel of Jesus. The story follows three children and their dog Zeke as they discover a mysterious glowing egg in a treasure chest in the attic. Where the egg leads them is the crux of the story. I would have said that my children were too old for this kind of story book, but they actually really enjoyed it! The idea that each Easter egg leads to a Bible verse that tells another piece of the story is a really satisfying way to think of the egg hunt, plus it ties in so well to the rest of the Egglo family of products. 

Egglo Entertainment Review

Not surprisingly, getting my kids to think about Easter during Lent was a bit of a challenge. For one thing, I typically stress the fact that we don't celebrate the Resurrection before we observe Good Friday: you can't have salvation without the cross. However, when they saw how the Egglo products are designed to really focus every aspect of Easter on Jesus, they were much more willing to participate. In fact, these products are perfect for families who typically eschew egg hunts as being too secular or not having anything to do with the real meaning of Easter. Egglo has demonstrated that you can make Easter relevant for your kids in a very holy way. They will never think of an Easter egg hunt the same way again after doing an Egglo-style hunt. Oh, and if you do the hunt at night, like we did (I tried for pictures, but they were just not happening), you will experience the real excitement of these eggs. Again, I would have said that my kids were too old for an Easter egg hunt. I was wrong: my kids (13, 11, 10, and 10) have never hunted Easter eggs that glow in the dark *at night*. After first reading the story and filling the eggs with the scripture scrolls and stickers (we did decide to save the candy for Easter), they enjoyed the hunt more than they have for several years...and we'll do it again on Easter!

There are so many ways that you can use the Egglo family of products, especially if you purchase the curriculum guide. Even if all you do is purchase the glow-in-the-dark eggs, though, the crosses on the eggs will remind you of the link between Easter and the egg hunt. I would really encourage the paired purchase of the story book and the eggs at a minimum, though. They would make a wonderful addition to a child's Easter basket this year!

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Egglo Entertainment Review
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