Monday, March 2, 2015


One of these twins is not like the other...oh, my twins! Michael loves his sister so very much! He hugs her all day and tells her that he loves her. He does anything she wants him to. He sleeps on her floor at night because she is scared to be alone...even though much of the time she is telling him to get out because he is annoying her. 

Last night I kind of put my foot down and told Michael that he had to sleep in his own room, in his own bed. Even though he knew it was coming, he was still so sad at bedtime. He started crying and said, "What if there's a fire? How will I be able to get Mary-Catherine out of the house? How can I take care of her if she's in there and I'm in here?" My heart pretty much broke. Part of me would be completely fine just moving him in with her (they're 10). The primary reason I don't is because she is so ugly to him about it (when she is not begging him to sleep in her room to keep her company!).

After putting the kids to bed last night, Henry and I watched a movie. When I went to check on all the kids, the twins were still awake. It turns out that Mary-Catherine had started crying after I tucked her in and Michael had spent a long time with her telling her stories and calming her down before returning to his own room. It was 11 at night by this time. I would sort of expect MC to be awake reading, but Michael usually falls asleep right away. The look on his face when I told him he could move into her room...he was overjoyed. He fell asleep right away.

Today, Michael keeps telling MC that he is sleeping in there again tonight and she keeps yelling, "No, you're not!" And, I? I have no idea what to do. Two kids of our four have to share a room. They make the most sense. They spend the most time together. When she is not being obnoxious, they get along the best. I don't really give a fig about convention. Henry says that she is just a typical girl - she wants to have her cake and eat it, too. She wants to have him sleep in there when she wants his company, not when she doesn't, and she definitely doesn't want to have to share her room. Michael's criterion is simple - he just wants to be with her.

Am I silly for even worrying about this at all? For even giving it a thought? I'm probably using it to avoid thinking about my bigger problem child...sigh.

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