Friday, July 31, 2015

Ages of My Kids - a Clarification

It has been brought to my attention that there is some confusion regarding the age of my kids. Allow me to clarify. My twins, Michael and Mary-Catherine, are 10. They will turn 11 in December. Nicholas turned 12 on July 4. It is entirely possible that I referred to him as 12 in reviews that posted in June. I didn't do that to earn a high Pinocchio rating from the Washington Post - I did that because when I am discussing a review product, I think it is more meaningful to call Nicky 12 when he is weeks away from turning 12 than I do to call him 11. There is a world of difference between a newly 11 year-old boy and a very nearly 12 year-old boy. That brings me to the cause of confusion - this people:

For the past couple of reviews I have referred to Therese as 14. She will, in point of fact, not be 14 until 8/2. Again, though, when she is so very close, I feel it is more accurate for the review's sake to call her the age she almost is, especially when bearing in mind that these reviews will be read again and again for years in the future. (For the curious, she is rehabbing a recalcitrant hamstring in this picture. This has been the summer of doctor appointments, injury, and physical therapy. You should see my happy face right now.)

Hopefully that clears it all up!

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  1. I knew what you were doing, and I agree is what makes sense to do!