Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Frozen Shoulder

I apologize for my absence lately. For the past few months, I have been increasingly unable to use my left arm which is, unfortunately, my dominant arm. Everything from brushing my own hair to getting dressed has become pretty much impossible. Handwriting anything has been out of the question. Typing has been difficult. I have been able to keep up with my reviews and with my job, but barely. My arm hasn't just been immobile - it's also been really painful. I have been unable to sleep in any position but on my back, and that's hard for someone who sleeps either on her left side or on her stomach!

In any case, I finally got in to see the orthopedist. He diagnosed me with Frozen Shoulder - said it was fairly common in middle aged women (you gotta know how much that hurt!) - and prescribed physical therapy. Before I could start PT, though, he had to get he inflammation down. That meant a lovely shot of cortisone in my shoulder - a $200 very painful shot of cortisone. 4.5 days later, I am feeling the difference. My arm is less pained and I am getting some mobility back. It helps that I have meds for nighttime and something my FIL gave me called Dragon Pomade to rub on it. That stuff is gold. The one thing that still kills it is typing! The position I have to have my arm/shoulder in is awful. Unfortunately, all of my jobs require typing. Because I have to keep my boss happy (because his paychecks keep my family happy!), I have not been doing any other writing (including answering emails, for which I'm sorry) apart from my job. I hope to remedy that in the coming weeks as I start PT next Monday. Thanks for bearing with me.


  1. I don't know how I missed this, but I'm so sorry. I hope it's much better now.

  2. Maybe infinitesimally? It was actually slipping out of joint, which was awful. The PT said that I am hypermobile, so without the muscle support for that shoulder, she could believe that it would be trying to slip the joint. So hideously painful. I'm doing therapy now, so I'm hopeful that it will start seeing drastic improvement. My boss is hopeful that I will start turning in work again!