Monday, September 7, 2015

Brief Reflections on the First Day of School

1. I didn't have all of my materials because I didn't pre-plan before vacation, so we couldn't do everything today. That offends my sense of completeness.

2. Nicky, who is the king of "I forgot" was cranking out Catechism answers like crazy. I was actually wondering if he had been replaced by aliens. Okay, I'm prevaricating. I totally wasn't wondering that. I was absolutely gobsmacked, though.

3. I had occasion several times today to marvel anew at my great good fortune at being on the Homeschool Crew. I can't BELIEVE the stuff I get for free. I can't believe the amazing curriculum that I now pay for that I never would have heard of were it not for the Crew. The Crew is the biggest blessing in my homeschool life. Heh - apart from my kids.

4. I miss having Therese at my homeschool table more than I can begin to say. She does school in her room now, and I don't really see that much of her. Today she was in the throes of a headache and didn't do all that much anyway, but one of the only problems with my kids being so close in age is that I don't get all of the one-on-one time with Therese that I want to have (the others are all about the same with where they are, but she is so far ahead maturity and intelligence-wise that she's in a class by herself (did you catch the pun?)).

BONUS!! Non-school related reflection: There are a couple of blog posts that I really want to write, but I keep putting it off because I would feel strange knowing that relevant people would be reading them. It's not that they would be unflattering or anything, just that I would feel funny talking about people. Does anyone else ever face that problem?

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