Monday, December 14, 2015

Withdrawal, not that kind of withdrawal. The kind where, when you're discouraged or sad, you don't write anything online because you don't want to come off as totally negative. That kind. It's funny that even as I write this, another situation, um, develops. I always wonder how much of a child's "disorder" or problems is (are) tied to the way in which they interact with their parents. Yes, of course, there is a predisposition there. Chemical imbalance? Sure. Screwed up wiring? Okay. But how much has to do with those interactions? My son pushes so hard. And I push back. I wake up every morning resolved not to push back, but push back I do. There are two things at work, I think. First, there is definitely the, "You can't talk to me like that" working. I can't deny it. There is also very much the notion, though, that I have to make sure that this kid has to be able to grow up and function in society - that my ignoring his crap (as tempting as that is) will not, ultimately, do him any favors. How I wish I knew the answers.

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