Sunday, January 31, 2016

Random Sunday Ramblings

1. My dog, Jack, went to the vet on Friday because he has several lumps on his person (ha! Can you even say that? He has several lumps on his dogson?). One of them is quite large, but he has steadily been developing smaller ones. The vet did a cytology (is that the correct way to say that?), and we should have the results at the end of the week. Jack is only 6.5, and he is so dear to all of us, especially to his master, who I am quite sure he thinks is his father. Given that Henry created the montage below, it's obvious that their affection is mutual.

2. I have gotten two amazing review products this week. I can't wait to receive them and review them for you. There is one more that I am praying hard that we get that I will find out about tomorrow, but I have already been so blessed. In the next couple of weeks we will begin using Logic of English's Essentials program with Michael (who, because of his dysgraphia, struggles with spelling and writing, despite reading waaaay above grade level) and Memoria Press's Literature program with all three of my younger kids. Officially it will be Nicholas' program, but I have already ordered a second student book for Michael so that he can do The Hobbit along with Nicholas (since Michael has read it multiple times and Nicholas hasn't read it once), and Mary-Catherine will be doing Anne of Green Gables from the same 7th Grade Literature program from Memoria Press. I am so excited about the upcoming weeks!

3. I have always been a vivid dreamer (and 90% of my dreams have always been nightmares), but the past week my dreams have been especially memorable. Henry said that I have been talking in my sleep (nothing new), and I am remembering my dreams. I wish I didn't. Last night I dreamed that someone I know called me and told me something that made me think (in my dream), "You need to address that when you wake up, Laura." I then continued on with the dream. Crazy.

4. I spent the last week sick for the second time in less than a month. Now I have that annoying cough that announces to people that you're sick, even when you're not really sick. Not cool. And I'm, yes, behind in work. Again. Always. On the plus side, every time my boss emails me, his emails start with, "I love the work you've been doing..." Can't ask for much more than that.

5. I really need to do an updated "Podcasts I Listen To" post. I have almost 200 in my feed now, which is a tad excessive. There are so many good ones, though, and I feel strongly that everyone needs to know about them! For starters, if you (like me) loved Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" when it was on the radio, I have such wonderful news. He's a podcast! Search for it on your podcast catcher, or find it here.

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