Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Sundries

Another week, another post of random-ness.

1. The Broncos win the Superbowl, which means my weekend wasn't all bad.

2. Okay, my in-laws celebrated my birthday yesterday and I love them dearly, so that part was good, too.

3. Jack's test results came back. He has a benign fatty tumor, so he's okay. That's good news.

4. I was throwing puns so fast today that they were all getting missed. There is only one person who could have kept up.

5. Have you ever had a weekend that seemed to last three years? And it sucked horribly? Yes, that was mine. I am so happy tomorrow is Monday. Monday is my favorite day of the week. Fresh start. A chance *not* to be behind - at least for a couple of days.

6. But I can't complain too much. I got so many stellar products through The Crew last week that I have no right to complain at all, actually. I should count my blessings instead of complaining. I'm going to work really hard on that. A friend gave me a lovely journal for my birthday (with our Lady of Guadalupe on it). I think I'll start counting my blessings in that.

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