Thursday, February 25, 2016

Best Beauty Hack Ever

You've probably seen this at Sephora or elsewhere:

Image Credit: Sephora

If you're like me, you've bought it and really liked the way it's cleaned your Beauty Blender and/or brushes. In fact, I told Henry that since he makes soap, surely there was some way he could make something like this for less than $20. Stay with me, there's an evolution coming!

So, I've heard the buzz about Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soaps for brush/sponge cleaning, of course, and I've been using the Lavender one for close to a year. I really like it. It does a decent job. I have three complaints, though. It doesn't do a *perfect* job, it's kind of messy, and it's hard (for me, anyway) to rinse out of my brushes. I *love* the rinsability and ease of the blendercleanser solid!

It was then (well, it was actually a few weeks ago when Target was having a sale and after I had just watched a YouTuber (sorry! I can't remember who!) show that the best way to get a Beauty Blender really, really clean was to double wash it - first with olive oil or coconut oil and then with Dr. Bronner's liquid soap) that inspiration hit me!

Dr. Bronner's makes a bar soap! And check out those first few ingredients! Could it work? Would it work? Had I just found something that kind of duped the blendercleanser solid, but incorporated that double washing technique -- and for 1/4 the price (the soap is $4.69/bar) but for 5 times the amount?! (1 oz for the blendercleanser solid vs. 5 oz for the soap). That would be a solid YES! This bar of soap works better than the bcs, better than the blendercleanser liquid, and better than the Dr. Bronner's Liquid soap. It.Is.Awesome. It makes my Beauty Blender look brand new (except for that little dot on the end where I pour on my foundation - I can *never* make that go away). It cleans my brushes so easily that I really enjoy washing them (no lie), and it rinses super clean and super quickly. I have honestly never been so happy with a beauty discovery in my life (and I'm hella old).

Now, I haven't Googled or anything. It's possible (likely even) that I am the 4,212 person to discover this - I'll only claim the uniqueness of duping that double wash technique (the oil followed by the Dr. Bronner's liquid) for the Beauty Blender. But, hey, I'm not trying to claim any uniqueness. I'm just trying to share my awesome (and awesomely cheap) discovery. I hope this makes someone else as happy as it made me!

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