Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Best Spotify Playlists

Do you listen to Spotify? I have had a premium account pretty much since Spotify's inception. I listen to it while I work (and I'm always working. Side note, I've mentioned this before, but not for awhile, I have time to do two out of three things every day: teach the kids, work, and clean the house. I can do any two. I am always AMAZED at how much I can do in a day if we don't do school. There are so many more hours in the day! The house gets so much attention! Moms who send their kids to school have so much free time. Just an observation.). I have made a gazillion of my own playlists, but there are also a gazillion great playlists already out there. Some were made by people I know (a friend of mine from, gosh, like, Kindergarten knows the best music - he was the music coordinator on MTV's Awkward) and some were made by people I don't. Some are from Spotify itself (themselves?). One of Spotify's most interesting features is it's Discover Weekly playlist. Based on your listening habits, it creates a personalized playlist for you every Monday. I have discovered some new and *very* beloved songs through this playlist ("Your Makeup is Terrible" and "Sometime Around Midnight" among them). There are always some huge misses, too. It's always interesting to see what Spotify comes up with, though.

Here's a look at my Discover Weekly this week:

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite playlists:

Playlists by Spotify -

  • Throwback Thursday (SpotifyUK)
  • dancePOP
  • Gossip Girl (say what you want - the music was AWESOME)
Playlists by Topsify
  • 100 Greatest Pop Songs Ever
  • Dark Pop
Playlists by thesoundsofspotify
  • The Sound of Chillwave
  • The Sound of Metropolis
  • The Sound of Glam Metal 
  • a TON more
These are just a few. The best thing about meta playlists like these is that they can introduce you to bands you didn't know and you can branch out from there. Obviously if our music tastes diverge significantly, this post was of not interest to you at all (for instance, no country will soil my Spotify), but hopefully you find at least something to check out there. Use that Discover feature. It can be really helpful.

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