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MyFreezEasy Review Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}
When school starts every year, I resolve anew to cook healthy meals for my family and not to fall into the cereal or Taco Bell traps. I had been doing better at the start of this year, but thanks to MyFreezEasy and the Freezer Meal Plan Membership, I no longer have nor need any excuses not to have a great dinner each and every night. Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}
I have done freezer cooking before and my family really loved it, but I had just been dabbling with Pinterest recipes. This time it was incredibly easy. Thanks to MyFreezEasy's Premium Annual Membership, I had so many awesome (and incredibly quick and easy) recipes to choose from (with everything laid out for me) that it was almost nothing to store seven different dinners in the freezer.
Here's how it works. With the Premium membership, you get all of these different meal plans: Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}
There are many ways you can go about taking advantage of the awesomeness that is MyFreezEasy, but the easiest way is probably to choose one of the meal plans in total and make it from start to finish. Naturally, that's not what I did. I chose the option of selecting exactly the meals I wanted to make and changing the serving sizes from 4 to 8 (for my family of 6, which includes 2 teens and 2 tweens). I love that there is this feature! If, however, a certain meat is on sale, definitely take advantage of that and choose either the ground beef or pork chops or whichever!

As it happened, the meals I chose were all for chicken, with the exception of one that was for pork roast. Once you have selected your recipes (by dragging and dropping), you are presented with a PDF that allows you to do everything you need in order to shop for and make your recipes. You can choose a shopping list that is arranged by recipe or by store section. By store section makes the most sense to me:

Because I had actually combined two shopping lists, I just wrote in the extra things I needed onto my major list. After all the shopping was done, it was a matter of putting it all together. MyFreezEasy makes it extremely easy to make a bunch of meals all at once.

After you are told what to chop, peel, and dice, you are told exactly how to assemble each meal for the freezer.

There are actual "recipes" that are separate. They tell you how to prepare the recipes so that you can prepare one to eat tonight and one to freeze for later. That's how we ate the first night.

I completely meant to take a picture of the finished product (this was a sweet potato and chicken curry), but I forgot! It smelled so good that it was gone long before I remembered about the picture!

After a grocery shopping trip and a couple of hours of food prep (yes, it's supposed to take less time - maybe I'm really slow?), I had the following to show for my efforts:

What Do I Think?

I am *really* happy with MyFreezEasy. The meals are completely ones that I would make anyway. It's plain and simple food that uses plain and simple ingredients that I always buy and have on hand (colored peppers, coconut milk, pork roast, pineapple, sweet potatoes). Several of the meals are very slight variations on things I already make. What this program does is make it very easy to prepare a bunch of meals in advance and freeze them, which is something I always want to do, but never get around to. This subscription makes it painless. While I will never just make the stock list of meals, the ability to drag and drop the exact recipes I want is wonderful. I can choose the exact mix of crock pot (around 80%) to one-dish meals, chicken (around 80%) to ground beef (10%) to pork (10%). I have all the control.

I have one criticism. There is no way that all of the ingredients will fit into one-gallon bags. In several cases I barely fit all of the non-proteins into the bags, which was fine with me. I buy chicken breasts, frozen, in large quantities and plan just to add it to the ingredients on the day I cook the meals, so it's no problem. Still, the idea that I could fit any more into some of those bags is just ludicrous. If that's my only complaint, though, it's a minor one! Overall, I love this subscription and I plan to keep adding to my store of freezer meals. It will help alleviate my guilt when tournament season starts. It has made me practically giddy all day today as I sit here and work with a migraine knowing that dinner is done. The family won't have to either order pizza or scrounge when I emerge from a late afternoon nap with an even worse headache or a migraine medicine hangover (depending on which course of action I decide to take). If you are a chronic pain sufferer, this subscription could be one of your new best friends.

I'll leave you with one tip. Buy enough carrot/potato peelers for each of your kids to have one. Everything will go MUCH faster! To see all of the delicious things other Crew families have been cooking, click the banner below! Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}
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  1. I also had a hard time fitting it all in a gallon bag. Next time I'll try that two gallon bags.

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