Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What Love Looks Like

Love looks different to everyone, but in my house love is a 6' x 4' nail polish rack. I wanted to organize my polishes better before posting this picture, but I couldn't wait any longer (I've told too many people about it and they want to see pictures!):

The lack of organization and the prevalence of ugly orange stickers (hey! I love a sale!) demonstrate why I wanted to wait until everything was picture perfect before posting, but Henry's great work deserves mention. Also, nail polish racks are so expensive that I wanted to show how easy it was for him to make me one. All of this was readily available at Lowe's. It took him just a couple of hours to throw it all together. I am very, very lucky! And he was afraid it would be too big and I wouldn't have enough nail polish to fill the whole thing...

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