Monday, January 23, 2017

St. Jerome - My Patron for 2017

I've taken my time about choosing my patron for this year. I usually use the saint name generator to choose a patron for a new year, but I have often had trouble connecting with that choice (although when I just did it, it gave me St. Monica, so I'll definitely add her to my Board of Directors - stellar choice. God seems to be (metaphorically) yelling at me right now). This year I decided to let God choose for me, and I had no trouble discerning his message. Due to events of recent unfolding (oh, heck - let's be honest - due to the course of my entire life since I began to talk), I knew that St. Jerome would be my CEO this year. I strongly, strongly, strongly encourage you to read his bio linked above if you're not familiar with this awesome saint, but here is just one highlight (I had others, but decided to delete them. It is well worth a read, though. Like the saints who resonate most with me and, I think, with many people, Jerome was very human with very recognizable foibles that originated from very good intentions):

"...knowing that his true vocation was to be a monk and a recluse."

If you're not in the habit of choosing a saint to pray for you over the course of a given year, I highly recommend it! You don't have to be Catholic to engage in this practice. Just as you ask your friends on Earth to pray for you, asking our friends in Heaven to pray for us is no different! Find a saint who struggled with the same faults and temptations you have, or who walked the same walk, or who you would love to emulate, and ask for their intercession. You'll be amazed at the graces and blessings you'll come to experience over the course of the year.

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