Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Sacrifices No One Sees

So many times we make sacrifices that don't look like sacrifices, right? Because what is a sacrifice for one person isn't for someone else. This is one of those subject areas where you really can't judge someone on the outside looking in because you have no idea what someone else is feeling or experiencing. Also, don't forget that some people are very good at faking it (even if they never quite make it!). They don't have to look like they are suffering (or talk about it, heaven forfend!) for it to be true. So give someone a break today, and don't be so quick to judge them. It is so, so true that we have no idea what other people are enduring on a daily basis, nor do we know how close to the breaking point they are. Like I always tell my kids (not that they heed me), extend grace.

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