Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Maturity shows itself in a variety of ways, but most of all, I think, as grace under pressure. There are certain situations that bring out stress, and how one reacts to these situations shows a lot about how mature they are. In terms of teenagers, I think first born girls have a huge advantage, maturity-wise. It's a birth order thing. The ending of a relationship, whether it's a friendship or a relationship can reveal a lot about a person's true nature (or, at least, about their maturity level). That's true no matter how old one is. Winning and losing also reveal a lot about a person's maturity level, and they also present some of the very best opportunities for personal growth. Being a gracious loser can be difficult, but so can being a gracious winner. Mastering those skills is a lifelong battle for many because the stakes keep changing, as does the definition of winning and losing. So if you find yourself lacking a little grace under pressure, extend to yourself the same grace that you would to a friend. Resolve to do better next time. Most of us will get many more opportunities to get it right before all is said and done.

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