Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The MommyCartna

We have reached the Magna Carta in history. I didn't read all of it to the kids, but I did hit the highlights. Mary-Catherine (12) just presented me with this document...

House of Mommy and Council Mommy, the Council of Children, those rotten scoundrels, say that "we the council of naughty children say that you the Mommy of the House get to punish the children of the house if on your terms they are being naughty, punishment required or unbearable. Then you always have the right this hereby means that you and only you have the right if anyone tests this or questions it can and should be punished if you see fit. You have always been there for people and now you can truly rule them. With this you also get some treasures added to your dowery this includes chocalet chip cookies, hairbrush, backscratches, and foot rubbing. This will and shall never be questioned just ask and it shall be done. You are required by signing this that you will not make dinner the children of the council will set up a chart and abide by it. You will spend your evenings with your husband. Then and only then can your children come out from wherever you decide to put them. Make sure as leader you kiss your third child a ton. - Children of the Council (mostly 3rd)

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