Friday, February 23, 2018

Birthday and Anniversary - Life Updates

Henry and I have had some amazing years together. We will have been together 25 years this August, and this month marked 22 years married. Some years (I'm not talking about our marriage - just about life circumstances) have been spectacular; some have sucked. 2017 was not a very auspicious year in many ways. For us personally, it was great. I think that we have been married long enough to recognize each other's hot spots and we are mature enough to avoid them (hey! I was 18 when I met him - I was mature in many ways, but not in all). He really is my best friend and I still run outside every day when he gets home from work (not because I'm running away from the kids, but because I am so happy to see him).

In other ways, though, I'm happy to see a new year. The beginning of the year, for me, is always about more than New Year's Day. My birthday and anniversary fall one day apart at the beginning of February, so there is a series of new beginnings for me. My younger brother texted me on my birthday that he didn't feel so bad about turning 40 later that week when he remembered that I was turning 43. I'm guessing he'll learn what I have - the 40s are the best decade yet. I call them the "I don't give a flip" decade. I am finally learning to let go of things that really used to bother me, realizing that it truly doesn't matter. People don't like me? So what. I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but I am a very few people's perfect blend. My effort and dedication to various organizations are undervalued and overlooked? That's okay. It gives me an opportunity to be healed of the need for "attaboys." Jesus didn't get many attaboys, after all, and as I constantly remind my children - "Why are we here?" I'm not here for accolades. I'm here to know, love, and serve God. I'm not much closer to knowing him than I have been in the past, but I am definitely getting better at loving and serving him.

I have been thinking more and more about what I will do when the kids leave home. Therese will be going to college in 1.5 years. I know that time will fly by. Then, another one or two kids (in the case of the twins) will go every two years after her until, before I am 50, I will not be a homeschooling mom anymore. I am not sure what I will be. I have ideas for a few things I want to do (businesses I want to start), but no concrete plans yet. I am bemused by the idea that I am closer to having grandchildren at this point in my life than I am to having infants of my own. Am I really that old? Where does the time go?

Birthday presents - what did I get? I got an amazing and beautiful chair for my desk. I think it's technically a dining room chair. It's comfortable and it has a unique shape. I'll take a picture at some point. Nicholas gave me a new Pusheen:

Image Credit: Amazon

She joins three siblings. Does anyone else out there love Pusheen like my kids and I do? Michael gave me a cute knitting bag with cats all over it. One can never have enough knitting bags! Of course, I added to my pen and lipstick collections because hoarding collecting. I think I've decided to start swatching both of those collections. It might take me the next decade.

Three of my four children are now taller than I, and I'm not exactly short. I used to be 5'6". I'm pretty sure I've shrunk at least half an inch, though. Mary-Catherine is my only baby left. I wonder if she'll stay petite like her aunts on both sides and her cousins. 

Stay tuned for my next two posts if you're interested in my thoughts on judging people by their possessions/dwellings (bad idea) and on my most awesome Internet find this year. I've actually started blog planning because I am so bad about blogging personal things. I need to plan some impersonal posts (kidding - I just need to plan, period).


  1. Happy Birthday! I just found your blog and love your reviews!

    No, you are not too old to go back to work! I started working part-time about your age while homeschooling five children. Now I only have four left to homeschool and it gets easier to combine the homeschool work with outside the home work. Good luck in finding something that suits you.


    1. Thank you for reading and for your kind words, Eva! Life is definitely a journey. Just when you figure out one stage, everything goes and changes on you!

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