Thursday, February 1, 2018

Promiscuity - 1955

I have a new obsession. I don't know how I lived without this site, and I don't know where I've been that I didn't know about it. It is exactly the kind of site I can get lost in for hours. I suggest you do the same. is amazing. Just to give you an idea of where I'm coming from - the first purchase I ever made on eBay was an issue of Photoplay from the 1950s. Finding this site is like a dream come true. Anyway, while noodling around, I came upon an article about the five reasons women become promiscuous. As noted above, the piece is from Coronet Magazine, a general interest digest that ran from 1936-1971.

(Image Credit - Google - doesn't it look fun?!)

I was struck by the fact that the five (apparently somewhat revolutionary) reasons that women become promiscuous seem pretty darn close to the reasons that women sleep around today. Now, I know that many people will want to call me out here (yes, I realize that somewhere between 1955 and today there was a "women's movement," but I don't think that women have really changed all that much. I still think that women, at heart, invest meaning in sex, and most don't set out to be of loose moral character (N.B., there are many other ways that I could say that, but I'm settling for keeping it ladylike).). I don't know that #4 is in play much, but worded slightly differently, it could be. It's more along the lines today of, "women are just like men." Of course, as I alluded to a second ago, they're not at all. The genders are very much hardwired differently. In any case, what do you think? Have things changed all that much in the last 70 or so years?

Here's the article in its entirety if you're interested:

And if you like old magazines, I *strongly* encourage you to check out the website. Just don't do it when you have other things to do!

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