Monday, June 13, 2016

Dance Recital Over!

Therese after dancing four straight nights, including in opening and finale:

Mary-Catherine and Therese with my beloved mother-in-law, their "Ita."

Therese and Andrew. This guy didn't miss a dress rehearsal (well, he missed one to hang out with his little brother) or a recital. He came all four nights. He brought Therese donuts, chocolate, and jewelry, but most importantly, he brought himself. He's a keeper. It's no exaggeration when I say I love him. We're not letting him go to college. Just kidding! He's only going to Henry's and my alma mater - he'll practically be right down the street.

The incomparable Mary-Catherine. She danced three out of four nights. She was insanely entertaining. That smile lights up the whole stage.

Therese does a final check before opening. She looks a tad skeptical, but she's gorgeous. As always.

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