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Depending on where you live, record keeping may be the bane of your homeschool existence. Fortunately, I live in the great free state of Texas, and I have no record keeping or submission responsibilities at all. Having said that, we all have things we need to keep track of in our homeschools, and that's where has you covered with its My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping).  
My School Year is more than just record keeping. It's more than just attendance tracking. It's more than just scheduling. I can promise you that My School Year will do *something* that you need, even if you're nearly convinced that you don't need it. In fact, there is so much to My School Year that I have *barely* scratched the surface, but the more I see the more I really am grateful to have access to something like this.
My School Year includes all of the following:
  • Activities tracking - this is one of those things that you always have in the back of your mind that you should be keeping track of. You know, all those things your kids *do* - field trips, volunteer work, books read, activities (all the activities!). These change from year-to-year, and especially if you have a high schooler who will be applying for scholarships and/or college, it is so important to keep track of all them. 

  • Reports - from transcripts, to report cards, to attendance, to lesson plans, My School Year can generate almost any report you can think of.

  • Dashboard - Your one stop shop to see *everything* that is going on with all of your students.

There is even an option to share lesson plans.

At first glance My School Year may seem overwhelming, but this program literally walks you through every single aspect of what it can do for you:

Because of where we are in our school year cycle, I'm not really using My School Year for lesson planning right now (and, to be honest, I don't really lesson plan all that much anyway. I generally have an idea of where we need to go and what we need to do and we make our way there. Therese is the one I really need to keep track of, and her program provides lesson plans. Having said that, I definitely plan to further explore this feature when we start schooling again in earnest next month.), but what I am LOVING are the records and forms features. Because Therese is in high school now, I know that I need to be keeping track of what she does. Because of her ongoing illness, she has not had/done all of the activities that I wish she could have. We will begin to rectify that next year. For now, though, it is wonderful to be able to keep track of her debate wins in one location and know that I can add to it over the next three years.

Similarly, keeping track of her extracurricular activities/honors is just as easy.

I haven't gotten the kids' standardized test scores back this year, but you can track those in My School Year, too.

And when it comes time to build a transcript, My School Year makes that a breeze as well.

Rest assured, though, that if lesson planning is what you're after, My School Year *excels* at that. You can create lesson plans in many different ways. If you have a book/curriculum you just need to divide into an even number of lessons, you can create those lesson plans with about three mouse clicks. You have the option to share lessons with other students in your homeschool (negating the need to reenter the same plans). You can reschedule lessons at the touch of a button. This is the easiest lesson planning software I have ever used. 

The best thing about a program like this is that Crew members use it in so many different ways, so definitely click the banner below to read all of the reviews!

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