Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Review of Let the Little Children Come

Let the Little Children Come
Every so often we get a product for review that is not necessarily something that suits my family well, but that I know would be perfect for the majority of my readers. Let the Little Children Come's Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract is one such product. When laid out flat, this evangelism product looks like this:
Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
When folded into a pumpkin shape, it looks like this:
Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
It can be used to hold candy or some other Halloween treat (a few pieces of candy corn or a caramel fits just perfectly), and can be given out to trick-or-treaters or used in a variety of different ways on Halloween. Its most important function, though, is obviously evangelism as it walks someone through the steps to knowing Jesus and asking him into one's heart.
There are 20 tracts in each pack, and assembly is fairly straightforward. Michael (12) assembled one sample Halloween Tract, and at first he found it a little tricky, but as soon as he figured it out, he proclaimed it easy and he thought the pumpkin was very cute. We kept the rest of the pumpkins intact since we will be donating them to friends who will be able to put them to excellent use with their church come Halloween!

The applications for these pumpkin tracts are limited only by one's imagination! As Halloween approaches, they would make an excellent activity for a Sunday school class, especially if the culmination of the lesson (after each leaf is explored and explained and the pumpkin is assembled) is filling the pumpkin with candy! They would also make a great addition to an Awana group! Of course, the most obvious application would be handing them out yourself to trick-or-treaters who come to your door (yes! There is something better than candy! Candy and Jesus is always a win-win!). If your church holds a Harvest Festival, rather than a Halloween party, these pumpkins will be right at home as decorations with a dual surprise (a Gospel message and a sweet treat!). Really, as I said, the applications are limited only by your imagination.

As for my family, we talked about the pumpkins and how the message conveyed by them differs from our Faith tradition, given that we are Catholic, but that just because people come to Jesus in different ways does not mean that we should focus on those differences more than we focus on our similarities. Christians share far more similarities than differences, and we should focus on those similarities while we pray for the reunification of Christendom.

As always, my opinion is one of many, so please do click the banner below to read all of the Crew reviews, and if you are in the market for child evangelism tools, definitely visit Let the Little Children Come, because they have you covered!
Is There Anything Better Than Candy?  {Let The Little Children Come Reviews}
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  1. I am curious, how does the message presented differ from the Catholic approach? Do not catholics believe in Jesus coming and saving us from our sins?

  2. Annette, Catholics *absolutely* believe that Jesus came and saved us from our sins! That's the very definition of a Christian, after all. The key difference between the message as presented here and salvation as Catholics understand it is that, for us, salvation is more of an ongoing process. It is also something that can be lost through our own free choices, even if we believe in Jesus and have (to use terminology Protestants are comfortable with) invited him into our hearts. I realize I am oversimplifying Protestantism grossly, and I'm sorry for that. There is an excellent summary of many key differences between Catholicism and Protestantism (with Scriptural references) here: Thanks for asking that key question, though - Catholics are definitely Christians!