Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Nearly Wordless Wednesday - A Little Yankee Candle Haul

It's little in two ways...little candles and not too many of them! I love taking pictures of my desk, so here's the latest one! The candles won't be living here forever (well, a couple at a time will). This size is PERFECT for my bedroom - just the right amount of throw. I started burning the large Yankee candles when I was in college. I would spend the weekends at my now in-laws beautiful (quiet!) house. My sister-in-law would come home and walk up the stairs saying, "I know Laura's up here studying because I smell her candle!" Nothing has changed. I flirted with B&BW candles for awhile (I still have a dozen or more and I love them), but nothing is better than Yankee. These were on sale buy one, get two free when I bought them last week.

Right now I have Kitchen Spice (large) burning in my living room and Honey Clementine (small) burning in my bedroom.

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